Sustainability of the approach to the prevention of violent extremism in BiH

International Organization for Migration (IOM) has organized a workshop in Sarajevo from 17th to 18th January 2019 in the Holiday Hotel, which brought together experts from the field of violent extremism and radicalism from the countries of the European Union and Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the workshop, guests from Belgium, Netherlands, and Finland, members of the academic community and non-governmental organizations dealing with the research of violent extremism, terrorism, radicalization, presented their research, outcomes over the past period, and introduced research priorities for the upcoming period.

Participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, including representatives of domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations and independent researchers, presented research on the presence and prevention of violent extremism. The second day of the workshop Olivera Đokić, master of psychology, from Global Analitika presented the results of research and the future activities of the Center for Social Research Global Analitika.

Global Analitika’s representatives also presented the activities and projects that have so far been realized and carried out in the area of extremism, with emphasis on the project “NO EXTREMISM” supported by the United States Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the scientific-research project  “Online radicalization in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Also, an external associate of Global Analitika and independent researcher Safet Mušić, presented his research opus, pointing to the specifics of Bosnia and Herzegovina in relation to the problem of violent extremism, with special emphasis on the emergence of new forms of radicalization throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The workshop presented the importance of preventing extremism and radicalism with a review of the role of governmental, non-governmental and educational institutions in preventing and recognizing violent extremism, but also the importance of engaging professional, experienced and competent staff on the aforementioned issue.

The workshop also emphasized the importance of the active role of the family and the environment in preventing violent extremism towards young people.