With cooperation and realization of joint activities for more secure environment

The agreement on cooperation on the principles of mutual understanding and common interests and activities aimed at improving science and education through the prevention of violence on the Internet was signed by dr. Muhammad Alu Sheikh, Director of the Cultural Center “King Fahd” and director of the NGO Global Analitika (Global Analytics) Anesa Agovic.

Reciprocal linking in the field of culture will result in the implementation of joint projects in the field of promotion of the safer use of the Internet and the fight against internet violence, it was said during the signing of the agreement, which was attended by the leaders of the agreement in Cultural Center “King Fahd”.

Since its foundation, Global Analytics has made a major contribution to a more positive and secure environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the prevention of any form of violence, with an emphasis on internet violence.

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Cooperation between the Cultural Center and Global Analytics began with the first international conference on the cyber security organized by the Cultural Center “King Fahd” for the institutions of BiH and the diplomatic corps in Sarajevo in March 2017.

Cultural Center announced, within the framework of the signed agreement, will be organized educational workshops and sessions as well as the development of guides for children, youngsters, parents, educators and professional staff on the safer use of the Internet.