Google announces a more intense fight against extremism

Google announced a more intense fight against extremism on the Internet and the mobilization of additional forces to uncover and remove video and content related to extremism and terrorism from the Internet.

This announcement from Google arrives in the shadow of new terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, the United States and other parts of the world. The last in a series of terrorist attacks happened last night in London when a truck attacker fluttered among believers outside the mosque and killed one and injured ten people.

“While we and others needed years to discover and remove online content that violates our policies, the bitter truth is that as an industry we have to admit that we have to do a lot of things right now,” the head of Google said in a statement.

Non-governmental organizations advocating tolerance and the fight against hate have often criticized the leadership of Google and social networks for not doing enough to prevent the propaganda of extremists on the Internet.

Google has recently reached an agreement with Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter on intensifying joint efforts to develop mechanisms to quickly detect hate speech and extremism on the Internet, and after the latest attacks in London, Google has announced a new announcement that it will further intensify efforts in that direction, reports Anadoly Agency.

It has been announced that there will be a doubling of the number of experts working for Google as identifiers of controversial content and massive training of people for these tasks has also been announced.

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